What is "PRC"

Polyester Resin Concrete (PRC)

The use of formularized polyester resin to substitute water and conventional cement as a binding agent is perfect against corrosive substances such as sulphuric acid, alkali liquid wastes and other chemical liquids found in sewerage systems.

On top of this, PRC provides remarkable mechanical strength against external pressure, axial pressure and bending, surpassing the conventional concrete and vitrified clay pipes.

In terms of compressive strength, PRC is at least 2-3 times stronger than conventional cement concrete, with a compressive strength exceeding 80N/mm2. This allows PRC to remain lightweight without compromising structural strength. Finely moulded PRC products will inherit the polyester’s smooth exterior and excel against liquid penetration.

If cost efficiency, productivity and durability are of utmost importance the qualities of high strength combined with flexibility and corrosion resistance of PRC make them the most attractive for use in pipe jacking for sewerage and drainage systems.