TPP Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was established in July 2015 to mainly manufacture Polymer Concrete pipes used in sewerage and drainage systems. The production facility is located in South Malaysia, Johor, Batu Pahat. Being the sister company of Japan’s Tokai Hume Pipe Co., Ltd., the company uses technology transferred from Japan for their manufacturing of PRC pipes. TPP also benefits from Tokai’s continuous R&D back in Japan to further improve on the quality and standard of PRC pipe produced.

What is Polymer Concrete?

In the market, it is also called as Polyester Resin Concrete (PRC), is the general term used in pipe production factory. The use of formularized polyester resin to substitute water and conventional cement as a binding agent is perfect against corrosive substances such as sulphuric acid, alkali liquid wastes and other chemical liquids found in sewerage systems.

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Why TPP?

TPP Pipes are made with patented technologies from Japan. With the rich history and experience of the team in Japan, TPP pipes aims to replicate this success in the South East Asia region with the qualities as shown:

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Characteristic of Polymer Concrete

  • Life Cycle
  • Chemical and Water Resistance
  • Stress Resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Exterior
  • Solid & Durability

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To know more about Polymer Concrete?

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Polymer Concrete / Polyester Resin Concrete Jacking Pipe (PRCJP)

Pipes are connected with spigot-to-spigot with stainless steel sleeve as a bridge between pipe end. EPDM rubber ring mounted on both spigot as permanent seal against leakage. Wood cushion board place between each pipe as jacking force distributor during installation. Connected joints are tested and proven to withstand minimum 4 bar hydrostatic pressure both internally and externally. During installation, user is required to align and push-to-insert spigot end into the stainless steel sleeve.

Jacking Pipe are available in 3 types :


Designed for standard. Fulfilling both economical budget and product standard requirement. These pipes allow lightweight and smaller machine handling during installation process.


Specially designed for Malaysia with its sizes and thickness matching local industrial practice and soil condition.


Designed for heavy duty project. These pipes consist thicker wall and allow higher jacking force in harsh soil condition. Impact strength and stress resistance are significantly higher than standard duty (S-type).

Additional Lining

Pipes inner surface may coated with additional layer of liner as finishing touch. Color can be customized as per user preference.

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Delivery Handling

To put ourselves in customer’s shoe, we have come out with a convenient and effective way. We will have the rubber ring glued and fixed in advance, after that, wrapped with a layer of black anti-ultraviolet material so that the rubber ring is well protected from the ultraviolet radiation.

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