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TPP Manufacturing Sdn Bhd was established in July 2015 to produce Polymer Concrete pipes used in sewerage and drainage systems. The production facility is located in South Malaysia, Johor, Batu Pahat.

Being the sister company of Japan’s Tokai Hume Pipe Co., Ltd., the company uses technology transferred from Japan for their manufacturing of Polymer Concrete pipes. TPP also benefits from Tokai’s continuous R&D back in Japan to further improve on the quality and standard of Polymer Concrete pipe produced.

Tokai Hume Co. Ltd., established since 2001 is the leading Polymer Concrete pipe company in Japan. The company is located in Gifu city, central Japan. The company began operations in 1960 as a cement concrete pipe manufacturer. Subsequently in 1998, they shifted their focus to manufacturing PRC Products. To date, the company employs more than 50 production staff in Japan, with products spanning across the central and northern regions of Japan.

Vision &


  • To promote the use of high-corrosion and high-durability Polymer Concrete to every country in Sewer Construction Projects.


  • Strict monitoring from material and production to ensure client orders are deliver to site on time and in good condition.
  • Sale hotline remains contactable and offers immediate service to clients on enquiry and Q&A.

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